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March 10


We're beating off in boots!

We're focusing our first event in March around boots. You don't have to have a footwear fetish to appreciate how men look standing proud and tall in boots of their choice - and little else - while they beat off! You'll get to enjoy everything you love about a Stumptown gathering - hot men sharing the sensual delights of a fraternal group jack off. All we ask is that you come in whatever pair of boots makes you feel sexy - or you think will make others see you as sexy! All kinds of bootware are welcome. Consider the construction worker look with you clad in a pair of Caterpillar, Grindstone, Chippewa, Red Wing, or other worker boot. Don't forget the logger look, with a pair of Portland-made Danner or Dehner boots - they put the stump in Stumptown!. And haven't we've all drooled over those hunky Pacific Northwest hikers in their lace-up hiking boots and wool socks peeking out the tops? For those who love to honor our men in blue there are police boots, especially tall motorcycle policeman boots. Or if you're attracted to the bad boys, try any of the battered black biker boots. You'll have everyone pre-cumming in no time wearing those! Brokeback Mountain reminded us all how sexy men look in cowboy boots - especially when everything else comes off! So round up a pair from your Gay Rodeo days or that pair you bought for that vacation at a dude ranch. Fort Worth fancy or real beat up shitkickers from down on the ranch, you'll rock the Western look. So did deep in your closet and see what stirs your imagination - and loins - and come in whatever pair of boots you like. 


Don't have ANY boots? We suggest a trip to Goodwill to find a cheap pair of used boots that catch your fancy without denting your wallet. If you absolutely have NO boots of any kind, don't despair. Let us know what your foot size is and we'll try to have a few pairs on hand that will hopefully fit you and let you get in on all the horny fun men in boots are bound to have together. Always wet dreamed of cumming on a hot guy's boots? It's polite to ask first before shooting your load on someone's freshly shined engineer's boots, but heck, odds are you're load will be just what that boot wearer was hoping to see his boots covered in!

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